Maximize the Full Potential of
Your Practice

An all-in-one platform designed to address your practice's unique challenges and elevate patient care.

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Direct Care Challenges Solved

Unified Care Management Platform

Bypass the hassle of complex APIs and integrations with a solution tailored to your practice.

Evolving Technology for Growing Practices

Be heard and involved as our technology swiftly evolves to meet your needs.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Minimize expenses with lower payment processing fees and consolidated subscription costs.

Unlock Unmatched Value
for Your Practice

Empowerment, efficiency, and financial health with SigmaMD’s tailored solutions.

Efficiency Unleashed

Streamline workflows, save time, and direct your focus where it's needed most - on your patients.

Expertise at Your Service

Benefit from solutions meticulously designed to meet the distinctive challenges of Direct Care.


Experience transparent, competitive pricing that enhances your practice’s financial health.

Seamless Connectivity

Effortlessly manage data with a platform that obviates the need for complex integrations.

Adaptable Solutions for All Stages

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Established Practices

For practices keen on collaborating with employers, our solutions pave the way for expanded growth through enhanced membership and billing capabilities, alongside insightful patient intelligence.

AI-Enhanced Workflows

Integrated Employer Portal

Transparent Pricing

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Emerging Practices

Embarking on a new practice journey? Partner with us from the get-go! We equip you with a holistic care management platform that includes all the functionality to get started caring for patients.

Comprehensive Platform

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Committed Support

Direct Care: A Path to Personalized, Burden-free Healthcare

"Direct Care is a transformative Healthcare Model that focuses on the direct interaction between the patients and clinicians without the interference of insurance company. Because of that, many of the administrative burdens and the huge overhead associated with the traditional system are eliminated. This model allows me to treat the patient, with even more care, empathy, and excellence."
Dr. Diana Girnita
Founder of Rheumatologist on Call and the Direct Specialty Care Alliance

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