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An easy to use, joyful, and comprehensive all-in-one solution for streamlined EMR management, enhancing practice efficiency and patient care.

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Securely Manage Patient Medical Records and Clinical Workflows.

With our EMR solutions, you can easily track patient progress and make informed decisions for optimal care outcomes.

Health Records

Easily organize and access patient health data for personalized care plans.

Clinical Notes

Document patient encounter notes to ensure accurate communication.


Facilitate prescription management with cost-effective options for your patients.

Electronic Lab Ordering

Order lab tests, track their status in real-time, and quickly receive and access results.

Connected Portals

Connect with Health Portals for easy access to patients' medical histories.

Patient Education Content

Access a library of informative educational materials to share with patients.

Population Health

Analyze data to identify patterns and opportunities in various populations, enhancing care coordination.

Charts & Trends

Simplify complex data to make it clear to spot trends and make informed decisions about patient care.

Utilization Reports

Get a concise overview of healthcare services usage by tracking key metrics for practice and employer reports.

AI Copilot

Embrace Our AI-Driven Innovations Tailored to Your Evolving Needs.

With our AI-driven solutions, you can save time and gain powerful insights for your Direct Care practice.

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Memberships & Payments

Easily Streamline Billing Processing and Revenue Management.

With our Membership and Billing features, you can minimize administrative tasks and maximize cash flow predictability.

Membership Controls

Effortlessly track membership statuses, adjust plans, and manage payments.

Automated Billing

Simplify your membership payment processes with a secure and easy-to-follow billing system.

One-time Charge

Provide transparent billing for additional one-time healthcare services.

Employer Solutions

Effectively Strengthen your Partnership with Employers and Grow your Revenue.

With our Employer Solutions, you have an integrated system to facilitate your relationship with companies and offer excellence to their employees.

Employer Portal

Manage employee healthcare benefits, partnering with employers with ease.

Contracts & Billing

Facilitate transparent and efficient billing for employer-sponsored healthcare plans.

Employee Analytics

Access a complete view of patient populations, enabling the identification of trends, tracking of health metrics, and more.

Mobile Apps

Send secure, HIPAA-compliant messages to patients and your team, enabling real-time communication.


Safely integrate video calls into your practice, offering flexibility and efficiency for both you and your patients.


Quickly refer patients to specialists, track the status of referrals, and receive updates.


Send and receive medical records and other essential documents for patient care while maintaining privacy.


Communication Tools

Efficiently Communicate with your Patients
and Team.

With our HIPAA-Compliant tools, you can provide patients with in-time and personalized care from anywhere.


Allow patients to view your availability in real-time and book an appointment with just a few clicks.


Support patients in managing health goals with personalized tasks and reminders.

Team Management

Control access and permissions of team members according to their roles and needs.

Patient Drive

Upload, store, and manage patient documents in a secure digital storage space.

Practice Management

Smoothly Optimize the Day-to-Day Operations of your Healthcare Practice.

With our Practice Management tools, you can simplify your daily tasks in a seamless way and save time.

Elevating Patient Care with Remarkable Clinicians by Our Side

"SigmaMD's All-in-one Platform is a game-changer for Direct Care practices since it helps streamline patient care, ensuring the focus remains on the patient and not on mundane tasks."
Dr. Sarfaraz Dhanji
Direct Primary Care Physician

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