Unlock Seamless Memberships& Payments

With our subscription and billing management features, you can minimize administrative tasks and maximize cash flow predictability.

Key Benefits of the SigmaMD
Memberships & Payments Solutions

More Predictability

Easily control your patient panel and membership management, enhancing your practice's financial health.

Flexible Billing

Count on a payments solution for a membership-based model and for one-time charges for services, labs, etc.

Affordable Care

Save on processing fees for a leaner, smoother billing experience, benefiting both your practice and your patients.

Membership Controls

Optimize Membership Coordination

Effortlessly track membership statuses, adjust subscription plans, and handle payment processes for a smooth experience.

Picture of a man patient and woman physician shaking hands.
Picture of a woman patient with a credit card in hands, making some payments for a direct care membership plan. She has a notebook with her.

Automated Billing

Economize with reduced payment processing fees

Simplify the payment process for both you and your patient with our secure, intuitive billing system, enhancing your practice’s financial health.

One-time Charge

Tailor Healthcare Services for Every Patient

Provide transparent billing for any one-time healthcare services, such as appointments, labs, or procedures, to meet diverse patient needs.

Picture of a woman patient clicking on a tablet carried by a woman physician.

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