Experience an Engaging and
Intuitive EMR

Experience frustration-free efficiency and time-saving features, tailored for seamless patient care at your Direct Care practice.

Print of SigmaMD All in One EMR Solution for DPC.

Key Benefits of the SigmaMD EMR

Your Unified Solution

Bypass complex EMRs with a solution that's extremely easy to navigate, tailored specifically for your practice.

Your Time Valued

Avoid spending time on integrations and multiple tabs by relying on an engaging and all-in-one solution.

Your Innovation Partner

Transcend traditional, inflexible tools by switching to a solution that offers AI innovation for patient care.

Health Records

Streamline Patient Data for Personalized Care

Easily organize and access patient medical records, receive ranked diagnosis output, and provide personalized preventive guidance to your patients.

picture of a woman doctor treating a woman patient who is pregnant.
picture of a woman physician speaking with a patient.

Clinical Notes

Make Documenting Patient Encounters a Breeze

Capture structured notes complete with personalized data using macros and variables, while auto-save and note-signing features ensure data integrity.


Manage Prescriptions Affordably

Enhance your patients' experience by offering cost-effective prescription management options tailored to their needs.

picture of a male physician and a female patient looking at the computer.
picture of 2 healthcare provider (a woman and a man) checking lab results.

Lab Orders

Track Lab Tests Efficiently

Easily manage your lab tests: order them, track their progress in real-time, and quickly access the results - all from one convenient platform.

Patient Drive

Keep Your Patient Documents Safe and Sound

Easily upload, organize, and safeguard patient records with our secure digital storage solution.

Illustration of a woman physician with a man patient.
Illustration of a patient touching his phone screen.

Connected Portals

Seamless Interoperability for Comprehensive Care

Enable patients to seamlessly connect with Health Portals, ensuring easy access to their comprehensive medical history.

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