Advancing Direct Care, One Practiceat a Time

We are building innovative technology solutions to help you scale and profit in Direct Care.

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Collaborative Path to Enhanced Healthcare Solutions

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Our story started with a shared belief with the Direct Care clinicians we support: healthcare should be more human and affordable, aiming for the best for each patient.

From the beginning, we've been focused on creating a comprehensive platform to meet the needs of both clinicians and patients.

Our innovation is driven by our skilled team, who tirelessly work behind the scenes to develop solutions that make a significant impact in Direct Care. Discover more about our team, our values, and the technology we create to facilitate better healthcare experiences.

Our Team

Picture of Sid. He has brown hair and is smiling.

Sid Bhatt

Founder & CEO

Picture of Malu. She has brown hair and is smiling.

Malu Buriham

Marketing Manager

Picture of Gui. He has brown hair and is smiling.

Guilherme Pacheco

Product Manager

Picture of Welling. He has blonde hair and is smiling.

Wellington Zomer

Tech Lead

Picture of Diogo. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and is smiling.

Diogo Montanha

Backend Engineer

Picture of Thais. She has brown hair and is smiling,

Thais Sprada

Product Designer

Picture of Dadha. She has black hair and is smiling with the eyes.

Dhada Yasa

Customer Success

Picture of Gabriel. He has black hair and is smiling with the eyes.

Gabriel Freitas

Frontend Engineer

Picture of Daniel. He has brown hair and is smiling with the eyes.

Daniel Specht

AI Engineer

Picture of Matheus. He has brown hair.

Matheus Nunes

Site Reliability Engineer

Picture of Lilly. She has red hair and is smiling.

Lilly Rocha

Product Designer

Picture of Toni. He has black hair and is smiling with the eyes.

Toni Isidoro

Quality Engineer

Leonardo Martins picture

Leo Martins

Backend Engineer

White man, smiling. He has has tatoos on his neck.

Amauri Junior

Frontend Engineer

Picture of Wesley. He has brown hair and is smiling with the eyes.

Wesley Faveri

Frontend Engineer

Picture of Denis Ladeira

Denis Ladeira

Frontend Engineer

Our Core Values Guiding
Our Path to Success

Embracing Change

Breaking Free from the Status Quo


Always Making Room for You

Continuous Learning

Pioneers of Progress

Collaborative Innovation

Working Together for Impact

Reflecting on an Incredible Journey with Remarkable Clinicians by Our Side

"It is exciting to watch the software evolve and incorporate newer technologies. The SigmaMD team is enthusiastic and responsive to clinician needs. The cooperation with Direct Care Physicians has given me a better understanding of nuances in clinical practice."
Dr. John Svirbely
Pathologist and Founder of The Medical Algorithms Company

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