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Unlock your potential with SigmaMD's all-in-one platform, offering special startup pricing and robust support to help you grow and scale your Direct Care practice.

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Why SigmaMD Is the Ideal Partner for Startup Practices

We equip you with a comprehensive care management platform that includes all the tools you need to start caring for patients.

Tailored Startup


Integrated Patient


Tailored Startup Support

Personalized Onboarding and Training

SigmaMD provides customized onboarding and ongoing training to ensure you and your team are proficient with the platform, helping you hit the ground running.

Scalable Technology

Growth-Ready Infrastructure

SigmaMD delivers scalable solutions that grow with your practice, accommodating an increasing number of patients and services without compromising performance.

Integrated Patient Management

Efficient Workflow Automation

SigmaMD automates administrative tasks like scheduling, billing, and reminders, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

Cost-Effective Solution

Affordable Startup Pricing

SigmaMD offers special pricing plan designed for startups, making it easier to manage costs while accessing robust EMR functionalities.

Starting Your New Practice Journey?

Managing a Direct Care practice requires juggling various roles. Interested in exploring essential elements of business planning, finance, marketing, technology, and legal considerations for launching your practice?
Check out our guide startups!


A Path to Personalized, Patient-Centered Healthcare

"The way to overcome any hesitations about starting a Direct Care practice is simply by doing it. Who is stopping you? You know, as a physician, you have choices. You have the option to practice the way you want.”
Dr. Grace Torres-Hodges
Podiatrist and Author of Private Practice Solution

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