DPC Summit: A Closer Look at the Agenda of the Direct Primary Care Conference

Discover the highlights of the DPC Summit 2024 and the confirmed location for the 2025 conference.

Last DPC Summit, held from June 20-23 in Dallas, TX, provided an enriching experience for participants, whether they were new to Direct Primary Care or seasoned practitioners.

The medical conference, hosted by the American Academy of Family Physicians with support from the DPC Alliance, aimed to boost professional satisfaction, enhance patient care, and deepen business expertise, all through a unique Direct Care lens.

Why Attend Direct Primary Care Conferences Like the DPC Summit?

Here are five main reasons why you should attend the conference:

Educational Development:

DPC Summit presents a dynamic and comprehensive program designed to cater to various aspects of Direct Primary Care and Direct Specialty Care.

Each track is designed to offer valuable insights and practical tools tailored to different stages of a private practice, from foundational strategies for new entrants to advanced clinical and business management techniques for seasoned professionals. 

Attending these sessions can help you gain practical knowledge and new skills that are directly applicable to your practice.

Networking Opportunities:

The DPC Summit environment provides a unique opportunity to build relationships with peers, mentors, and industry experts. Networking can lead to DPC support, collaborations, partnerships, doctor referrals, or simply the exchange of ideas that can be beneficial in solving common challenges faced in the DPC setting.

In a conversation with Dr. Matthew Hitchcock, a Family Physician and Founder of Hitchcock Family Medicine, he mentioned:

“I love attending conferences, especially DPC events, because the atmosphere is so much better. The physicians are happy, excited, optimistic, and helpful, creating a unique environment. I enjoy making connections with doctors who are interested in DPC or are just starting their practice. I love mentoring and helping those new docs to grow, while also expanding my network. Having these connections is important because, especially in DPC, you can feel isolated or alone. Here, you can say, 'Hey, I'm struggling with this... how can I get through this?' and you can find a doctor who has experienced it and can assist you with those issues, being a support system for you.”Dr. Matthew HitchcockFamily Physician and Founder of Hitchcock Family Medicine

Discovering Innovations

Exploring new technologies or services at the DPC Summit can open up possibilities for improving patient care and operational efficiency. 

In 2024, many attendees visited the SigmaMD booth to discover firsthand the innovative All-in-One DPC EMR we're excited to share. They engaged with our team, experienced live demos, and learned how our platform can be seamlessly integrated into their practice to elevate both patient outcomes and their daily workflow.

Advocacy and Influence:

The DPC Summit often serves as a collective voice for the community, providing a platform to discuss and advocate for policies beneficial to Direct Care practices. By participating in discussions and panels, you can contribute to shaping the future of DPC, ensuring the model continues to thrive and expand.

Renewed Motivation and Inspiration:

Attending the DPC Summit, surrounded by peers who are passionate about improving the patient-physician relationship and advancing the field, can be incredibly motivating. You can come away from the DPC Summit with renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas for your practice, which can lead to improved patient satisfaction and enhanced personal fulfillment in your role.

By strategically engaging in these activities, you can maximize your experience at a DPC Summit, turning opportunities into tangible benefits for your practice and patients.

DPC Summit Agenda: Main Sessions & Tracks in 2024

The DPC Summit kicked off with a variety of hands-on workshops on Thursday, June 20. Attendees looked forward to enhancing their skills in areas such as Dermatology, minor surgical procedures, wound care, and point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). 

These sessions were designed to offer practical experience in diagnostics and treatments that are vital for physicians. The day promised intense learning with a mix of theory and practical applications that allow for immediate feedback and skill enhancement.

From June 21st to June 23rd, the day's sessions were divided into 3 main tracks: 101 Sessions focused on starting your DPC, 201 Sessions aimed at growing your DPC, and 301 Sessions dedicated to enhancing clinical knowledge.

101 Sessions - Starting your DPC

This track was tailored for those new to the DPC model or looking to launch their own practice. It kicked off with a session on freedom and autonomy in DPC, followed by discussions on family dynamics within the practice, DPC finance, medical marketing and the utilization of social media in healthcare

Practical sessions on drug dispensing in DPC settings and aligning your practice vision with personal inspiration were also featured, providing actionable advice for emerging DPC practitioners.

201 Sessions - Growing your DPC

For those with established practices, this track focused on scaling and refining operations. Sessions covered collaborative practice models between DPC and specialty care, integration of occupational medicine, and strategies for effective hiring and firing.

Financial growth strategies and retirement planning for physicians were also highlighted, ensuring attendees received guidance on both the administrative and strategic facets of practice expansion.

301 Sessions - Clinical Knowledge

This track was designed for practitioners seeking to deepen their clinical expertise. Topics ranged from Pediatric growth assessments to hormone replacement therapy, wound care, and management of chronic conditions like pelvic pain and diabetes. 

These sessions provided advanced clinical knowledge that could be directly applied to patient care, ensuring attendees were well-equipped to handle a broad spectrum of health issues in their DPC settings.

This structured approach not only enhanced learning but also facilitated networking and collaboration among attendees with similar interests and needs.

DPC Summit Speakers in 2024: Names confirmed for the Direct Primary Care Conference

Here are some of the amazing speakers of the conference: 

DPC Summit 2025 Location

The DPC Summit 2025 is confirmed for July 24-27 at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, LA.

Don't miss this chance to be a part of a growing movement that is shaping the future of primary care in America. Whether you're there to learn, share, or lead, the DPC Summit promises to be a rewarding and impactful experience.

See you at the DPC Summit 2025!

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