Two-Way Laboratory Tests: Elevating Patient Care with DPC Labs in SigmaMD

Explore the Main Benefits of the Labs Feature and a Case Scenario.

Today, we're thrilled to introduce the Labs feature in SigmaMD, a game-changing addition to our complete care management platform. 

Our integrated lab interface allows for efficient ordering and reviewing of lab tests, right from our All-in-One Direct Care Solution. This means less time navigating through multiple systems and more time focused on what matters most – patient care.

Benefits of the DPC Labs Solution in SigmaMD

Interface with Dozens of Laboratories

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with the Diagnostic Provider you prefer for ordering your patients' labs. You can select one based on its affordability and location. You can also count on the SigmaMD team’s support to make this connection seamless. Once this request is processed and ready, we will notify you.

Setting Up Pricing with Ease

Once you are connected with a Healthcare Provider, you can view the full list of labs the laboratory offers and will have the permission to set your own pricing table. If you need to modify a price in the order, it will be automatically updated in your pricing list.

Patients at the Center of Their Health Journey

Patients can easily access their lab results through our mobile app, accompanied by your notes. We offer two kinds of views: the complete PDF with the results, and a visual, summarized way to track which results are on track and which levels are outside the recommended range. This transparency not only fosters a better understanding but also encourages patients to take an active role in personal health management.

Real-Life Impact: A Scenario Using DPC Labs Solution in SigmaMD

Let's consider Carol, a patient who suspects she is pregnant and would like to have an official confirmation. What would be the step-by-step process for that?

Once you have all of Carol’s basic information (first name, last name, date of birth, sex, phone, email, and address), a lab ordering button will be enabled on the patient’s chart screen and you can select one of your previously set diagnostic providers.

You can easily click on the ordering button, choose the Diagnostic Provider, your preferred payment method, and select if the draw type will be in your practice or at the PSC. Then, you can search for a blood test or its specific code, and select it for Carol. 

A draft of your order is automatically created. When you complete all the necessary information, just click on "Send order". Once the order is sent, Carol will receive a notification and can view the requisition in the SigmaMD Patient App.

Time to See the Results!

As soon as the results are available, both you and Carol will receive a notification and gain access to the results with the two kinds of views: the complete PDF and the summarized results. Every result on track will be marked in green, and the results out of the range will be clearly indicated in red.

As her doctor, you also have the option to add a note to Carol, with any comments or explanations, which will be visible alongside the results in the patient’s app.

As demonstrated in this example, navigating through the process of ordering lab tests, tracking their status in real-time, and accessing results in SigmaMD is a streamlined experience. Stay tuned for new features to be released soon!

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