Navigating Cancer Care: The Role of Direct Care in Oncology 

Explore the principal approach of Oncology Direct Care, accompanied by an example of a membership model.

Cancer. It's a word that brings a pause, a moment of reflection. For a Direct Care Physician, it's more than a diagnosis—it's a journey you embark on with your patients, one where every step is crucial, and every decision is significant. 

In the world of Oncology, your role transcends treating a disease; it's about nurturing hope, understanding, and a deep sense of care that goes beyond the clinical.

In this article we will delve into the Oncology in Direct Care and an example of a membership plan. 

Understanding Oncology in Direct Care

Oncology in Direct Care settings is unique. Here, you're not just a physician; you're a pivotal part of your patient's support system. You are there from the initial diagnosis, through the ups and downs of treatment, to the follow-up care. 

Your approach is not just about the medical treatment but also about understanding the emotional and psychological impact cancer has on your patients and their families.

Building Trust and Communication

Trust is the cornerstone of any patient-physician relationship, more so in Oncology. Patients look to you for not just medical advice but also comfort and reassurance. 

The key? Open, empathic, and honest communication. It's about explaining the complexities of their condition in a way that's understandable, without the medical jargon. It's about being there, listening, and understanding their fears and concerns.

Personalized Care: The Heart of Oncology in Direct Care

Every cancer patient is unique, and so should be their care plan. Personalized care is not a buzzword; it's a necessity in Oncology. It's about tailoring treatments to the individual, considering not just the medical facts but also the personal circumstances. 

This approach ensures that your patients are receiving the best possible care, suited to their specific needs and conditions.

Empowering Patients with Cancer

Empowering patients is critical. They are not just passive receivers of care; they are active participants in their health journey. Encourage them to ask questions, understand their treatment options, and be involved in decision-making. This empowerment fosters a sense of control and helps alleviate some of the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Staying Informed and Updated

Oncology is a field that's constantly evolving. Staying abreast of the latest research, treatments, and technologies is essential. This continuous learning not only aids in providing the best care but also in being a reliable source of current information for your patients.

Example of Membership focused on DPC and Oncology Direct Care

Dr. Lara Briseno Kenney is a board certified Internal Medicine physician with additional specialty training and board certifications in Hematology, Oncology, Hospice and Palliative Care. 

As a hematologist oncologist, she specializes in treating cancers of the blood, such as leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. 

In her practice Leeton Medical Clinic, based in Leeton, Missouri, the membership offers the possibility to combine Direct Primary Care - DPC and Direct Specialty Care Services, charging separately for each one.

For both, Dr. Kenney offers house calls, phone calls, text and video appointments when appropriate.

Primary Care Services

Her membership focused on DPC includes:

  • Health maintenance and physicals
  • Acute illness and injury assessment and treatment
  • Diagnosis and management of chronic illness
  • Second opinions on diagnosis, prognosis, plan and care
  • Counseling and discussion to uncover the goals of care
  • Counseling for end of life plans and preparations, comfort care and control of symptoms

Specialty Care Services

Regarding Specialty Services, her membership fee includes:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of common blood disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Detailed management of symptoms related to cancer and treatments
  • Honest, open discussions that explain all your options and what to expect
  • Options for treatments and hospital consults (Dr. Kennedy built partnerships with hospitals in Clinton, Warrensburg and Sedalia)

Beyond all the services included in both memberships, Dr. Kennel offers other kinds of benefits to her patients, such as discounts for pharmaceuticals and labs. Hospital care, admission and day to day management are also available for a nominal fee. 

In Direct Care, Oncology is more than a medical specialty; it's a commitment to your patients' overall well-being. It's about being their guide, advocate, and support through one of the toughest journeys they might face. 

Remember, in this journey, you're not just treating a disease; you're treating a person, and that makes all the difference.

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