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 Direct Care

Break free from traditional tech constraints to streamline clinician workflows and boost practice revenue with SigmaMD, the All-in-One Direct Care platform.


Ready to Lead the Healthcare Revolution?

Streamlining Solutions for Agile Workflows

Transform your Practice with SigmaMD, our all-in-one platform. Seamlessly integrate solutions to optimize your operations.

Crafting Innovation to Simplify Your Practice

Enhance your practice with our user-friendly, AI-powered technology, designed to maximize your time and impact.

Valuing Your Expertise to Elevate Patient Care

Rely on us to optimize workflows, mitigate burnout, and enable you to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional patient care.

SigmaMD: A Single Platform for
All your Direct Care Needs

At SigmaMD, we are developing a comprehensive solution that includes a modern Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, along with communication tools, payment features, scheduling, AI Copilot, and much more—all in one place.


• Health Records
• Clinical Notes
• Lab Ordering

AI Copilot

• Population Health
• Charts & Trends
• Utilization Reports

Memberships & Payments

• Membership Controls
• Automated Billing
• One-time Charge

Employer Solutions

• Employer Portal
• Contracts & Billing
• Employee Analytics

Communication Tools

• Mobile Apps
• Telemedicine
• Referrals

Practice Management

• Schedulling
• Tasks
• Team Management

Your Expertise Drives Our Priorities:
We Listen, You Matter!

Dr. Greg Brown
"My experience with SigmaMD has been great. Working with the SigmaMD team has been an actual joy. I mean, it's genuine. Everyone is extremely responsive to my feedback which is unlike my experience with any of the 3 other EMRs that I tried before."
Dr. Greg Brown
Primary Care Physician and Founder of Gebito Medical

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